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Current classic challenge ratings/rankings 2021 based on Kleier's system, games from 2021 only. Rankings of previous years see below.
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Challenge ranking:

In order to be included within the challenge ranking, a player has to play against an adequate opponent at least every 3rd game. An opponent is adequate if his rating is at least 200 points less than the players own rating OR if his rating is at least 1500. E.g. if a player's rating is 1400, an opponent is adequate if his rating is 1200 or higher. If a player's rating is 1800, each opponent with a rating of 1500 or higher is adequate. A player with a total number of 100 games must have played at least 34 of them against adequate opponents in order to be still included in the rankings.
The column "Adq./Non-adq." shows the current number of games against adequate opponents vs. non adequate opponents. The first number is the number of games against adequate opponents, the second is the number of games against weaker opponents.
All other ranking rules are applied additionally (at least 20 rated games and at least 25 games per quarter of year).
Click on a username to see that players individual statistics. If you can't find yourself in the list, please click here to see your personal statistics.

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Last update (MEST): 2021-04-17 07:35

RankNickCountryGamesCurrent RatingWinsLossesDrawsWin %U.g.(*)w.streakl.streakCurrent streakAdq./Non-adq.
1freddykrueger???361850265572.220522 wins26/10
2foniasGreece6117354611475.4101135 wins21/40
3losermakerAustralia4817313513072.9201121 losses31/17
4zach21United States207173115742875.8501645 wins83/124
5garulfoNetherlands2271706136632660.442852 wins163/64
6ironshield???4011676279893369.5801754 wins151/250
7pantherGermany5016662911959.181522 wins27/23
8mh181???140165494351167.140732 losses80/60
9theworldmaster???251634147456.00521 losses14/11
10Player???183163312550768.6811531 wins82/101
11vobi70Germany8116225126462.960634 wins55/26
12pythagorean_iv???220161515363469.5501356 wins138/82
13tombaBelgium148161511128975.001441 losses61/87
14hellasGreece8016135124563.750831 losses61/19
15dutch???4116112614163.410831 draws27/14
16awflyGermany109161165311359.630621 wins74/35
17wulf???3011604199911066.3311143 wins219/82
18grizzlybearGermany65160434171253.972641 losses47/18
19ruben87Netherlands9115985030956.1821041 losses65/26
20warlock???46415942871473061.8502063 wins378/86
RankNickCountryGamesCurrent RatingWinsLossesDrawsWin %U.g.(*)w.streakl.streakCurrent streakAdq./Non-adq.
21karelas_pst???4215902615161.90642 losses31/11
22maxroelofs???261576158357.690221 wins21/5
23wnehmeLebanon254157417275667.9811442 wins212/42
24gpet0Greece3311562189135757.10952 wins302/29
25konstandinos.m???6515563425652.310951 wins58/7
26mojo1967???178155098552555.0601342 wins146/32
27jjbb143???3215301410843.750423 draws28/4
28fighterGermany8514994341150.590777 wins82/3
29miltos42???199148410493252.260554 losses183/16
30samuelUnited Kingdom213147911395553.050761 losses194/19
31scout2020???17314678585349.130771 wins163/10
32swordfish???63214652753391743.581882 losses594/38
33zwille???8214513837646.911541 draws73/9
34mirmidonas???8514514537352.940871 wins73/12
35rave55India112414405135485945.8410111 wins1076/48
36beastly123???26714321161252643.450663 wins253/14
37djshone???6614293330250.771461 losses65/1
38knicklesUnited States27114291221331645.020592 losses259/12
39jackie02???79514273204561840.316101 wins762/33
40piff2507???16714257387743.710762 wins160/7
RankNickCountryGamesCurrent RatingWinsLossesDrawsWin %U.g.(*)w.streakl.streakCurrent streakAdq./Non-adq.
41dimkar???59214072323233739.1908101 losses577/15
42aqualung???5113891932037.250288 losses50/1
43roy???15513895596435.480796 losses154/1
44count_floyd???13313854388232.33051110 losses133/0
45jossy???3181382122186738.7338101 wins304/14
46randommoves???2713801115140.740231 wins27/0
47camilla???8413792851533.330481 wins84/0
48blacksheep???48413791782941136.8517201 losses476/8
49proxb???2513711014140.00331 losses25/0
50vertigo???4413611427331.820342 wins43/1
51nikko???15213535497135.530491 losses150/2
52ewingGermany5913522728445.760451 losses59/0
53xxtupikxx???4313511326430.230282 wins43/0
54just_a_game???6313512139333.330353 losses63/0
55mvsteenis???5013511726734.00361 losses50/0
56lisaNetherlands4613411328528.260471 draws46/0
57kambiaGreece321315923028.130362 losses31/1
58krampus???14013123895727.1403311 losses140/0
59akaboom???301310919230.00241 losses30/0
60fazi07???4212821030223.810251 losses42/0
RankNickCountryGamesCurrent RatingWinsLossesDrawsWin %U.g.(*)w.streakl.streakCurrent streakAdq./Non-adq.
61moriasGreece6612771748125.7604221 draws66/0
62davius???163126338121423.3103141 draws163/0
63xx8vulcan8xx???140125738100127.3415121 losses139/1
64iljoesjin???261250914334.620241 losses23/3
65liogreen???160119724130615.005283 losses160/0
66preussen???311174526016.1302142 losses31/0
67robna???8311671367215.8512187 losses81/2
68realsealUnited States571166848014.2912113 losses56/1
69Cw8???511158941018.012137 losses50/1
70maartenleysen???8311231665219.2803171 losses83/0

Due to the heavy cpu time consuming of the rating calculation, the rating is not updated after every single game but once every hour.

l.streak means the longest losing streak, w.streak the longest winning streak of a player.

(*) U.g. means games that were played against opponents that don't have a rating yet. They will not count for the player unless the opponents become rated.

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