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Current classic ratings based on Kleier's system.
See belowfor explanations.

Click on a username to see that players individual statistics.

+++ Current german stratego board tourney schedule +++
Kleier: Ranked players only :: Kleier: All players :: WSC rating

Last update (MEST): 2022-11-28 20:52

RankNickCountryGamesCurrent RatingWinsLossesDrawsWin %U.g.(*)w.streakl.streakCurrent streak
1freddykrueger???1682188613862207682.404044 wins
2ironshield???14981698108730410772.5602858 wins
3mercury???2291669130881156.77019719 wins
4wulf???515616473510152612068.0801961 losses
5grizzlybearGermany23381646129090714155.1801291 wins
6pantherGermany29871631203177617668.0942163 wins
7ambiorixBelgium518916123301175213563.6311881 losses
8tombaBelgium33131604244072514473.7442252 wins
9gpet0Greece16601158111038516637966.56182793 losses
10samuelUnited Kingdom582215523728193515964.03030112 wins
11riskytomNetherlands29671536169912105657.321385 wins
12beastly123???162214978416869451.8811391 wins
13fks???36314911022511028.104131 losses
14swordfish???1571414916897850131543.89116161 losses
15miltos42???5371490270264350.2801172 wins
16bountyNetherlands42314861912201245.1507101 wins
17predatorx???4714842621055.320562 losses
18rave55India3204114761452316490101545.341317351 wins
19scout2020???165414687438733844.92012121 losses
20bibibi???115714676534881656.4401261 losses
RankNickCountryGamesCurrent RatingWinsLossesDrawsWin %U.g.(*)w.streakl.streakCurrent streak
21jossy???45741460192225599342.02015122 wins
22zwille???249614571089127712943.65114132 losses
23akaboom???102514553686332435.907212 losses
24piff2507???380614541815183415747.69015111 wins
25knicklesUnited States457914522256218113749.32518121 losses
26puekerSwitzerland993514323911583219039.37215215 losses
27count_floyd???37451423140222746837.4518141 wins
28rogeroncemore???39214211672081742.60681 wins
29lim???124214135716333845.9709121 wins
30just_a_game???52814112023052038.3317122 losses
31roy???139314105407985538.7708162 losses
32zuckerbaerGermany4081399106295725.9807447 wins
33ewingGermany146113946477753644.3838152 losses
34aqualung???10213923863137.2503103 wins
35citron505Greece631613823459269315654.84814103 losses
36Cw8???31913521451591545.4509131 losses
37yeen???38513201542151640.00791 wins
38lisaNetherlands62821310228039059536.31210167 losses
39queensburykid???123412853738461530.2306131 losses
40fazi07???129712753329402525.604231 wins
RankNickCountryGamesCurrent RatingWinsLossesDrawsWin %U.g.(*)w.streakl.streakCurrent streak
41HODDEL???173125648123227.7505162 losses
42liogreen???190123731153616.3205281 losses
43man_drake???47512191613021034.0427172 wins
44flubberGermany9211145181732819.6506292 losses
45GOODMORNING???31811272629028.1801381 wins

Due to the heavy cpu time consuming of the rating calculation, the rating is not updated after every single game but once every hour.

Note: In order to get ranked, you need to have completed 20 games.
In order to get a rating, you must at least have won or played a draw against one other rated player.
A player will loose his rank if he did not play at least 3 games in the last 2 month!

l.streak means the longest losing streak, w.streak the longest winning streak of a player.

(*) U.g. means games that were played against opponents that don't have a rating yet. They will not count for the player unless the opponents become rated.

Hier geht es in die Welt von Gravon.

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