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Current classic ratings based on Kleier's system.
See belowfor explanations.

Click on a username to see that players individual statistics.

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Last update (MEST): 2019-06-17 11:56

RankNickCountryGamesCurrent RatingWinsLossesDrawsWin %U.g.(*)w.streakl.streakCurrent streak
1freddykrueger???1421188411731866282.5504046 wins
2losermakerAustralia40117642711171367.5802751 losses
3major_nelson???26916721521041356.510851 draws
4flame04???127166462491648.820651 draws
5garulfoNetherlands24281650138293111656.9-11282 losses
6rapunzelGermany20227164513897538593468.74113892 wins
7gpet0Greece1462016429858440733867.51172792 wins
8upanddown???22931638962117615541.95015236 losses
9ruben87Netherlands268916381417116011652.62-41694 wins
10mercury???4616181925241.301271 losses
11henry???27216161401221051.4701061 losses
12dutch???16016049855761.250952 wins
13mojo1967???428315792273158842253.07018103 wins
14cooky???334115041450175013943.43211155 wins
15sefirotSpain81561498418738778851.36418313 losses
16piff2507???251714681201120011747.7-115111 losses
17rave55India269021460120611403280044.85916351 wins
18roy???16414467289543.37-2681 losses
19zwille???20701445887107411042.83-110131 wins
20nikko???1088814394776597513443.88319222 losses
RankNickCountryGamesCurrent RatingWinsLossesDrawsWin %U.g.(*)w.streakl.streakCurrent streak
21puekerSwitzerland906814333527536017938.9215211 wins
22fks???305141080216926.2304131 losses
23fazi07???329135869255520.9703231 wins
24camilla???18111330700101010238.63-17211 losses
25galius???391192633115.0-12131 losses
26reddragonGermany78510673044542738.7306213 losses

Due to the heavy cpu time consuming of the rating calculation, the rating is not updated after every single game but once every hour.

Note: In order to get ranked, you need to have completed 20 games.
In order to get a rating, you must at least have won or played a draw against one other rated player.
A player will loose his rank if he did not play at least 3 games in the last 2 month!

l.streak means the longest losing streak, w.streak the longest winning streak of a player.

(*) U.g. means games that were played against opponents that don't have a rating yet. They will not count for the player unless the opponents become rated.

Hier geht es in die Welt von Gravon.

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