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Current classic ratings based on Kleier's system.
See belowfor explanations.

Click on a username to see that players individual statistics.

+++ Current german stratego board tourney schedule +++
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Last update (MEST): 2020-02-16 15:30

RankNickCountryGamesCurrent RatingWinsLossesDrawsWin %U.g.(*)w.streakl.streakCurrent streak
1freddykrueger???1475189712201936282.7104041 wins
2petete7???49017363121384063.6701551 wins
3foniasGreece404517112701122212166.7912373 wins
4flame04???145166669571947.590653 wins
5major_nelson???29416631621161655.10891 wins
6upanddown???23701651993121716041.9015231 draws
7ruben87Netherlands278816431471119512252.7601691 losses
8gpet0Greece1464716389869442034067.46182791 draws
9garulfoNetherlands24821635140495512256.5911281 draws
10henry???28816261511271052.4301062 losses
11mercury???5716252330440.3501271 wins
12tombaBelgium27551575204259411574.2342254 wins
13bomNetherlands570015143010254813552.87713102 wins
14sefirotSpain81971482420439008951.31418311 draws
15rave55India271451468122001412780944.96916353 wins
16piff2507???257514641228123011747.69015111 losses
17zwille???22171449949115011842.81010132 losses
18nikko???1113014324874611613643.81419221 wins
19roy???2921431123162742.1206101 wins
20camilla???18451343713102910338.6407211 wins
RankNickCountryGamesCurrent RatingWinsLossesDrawsWin %U.g.(*)w.streakl.streakCurrent streak
21galius???8012571861122.503132 losses

Due to the heavy cpu time consuming of the rating calculation, the rating is not updated after every single game but once every hour.

Note: In order to get ranked, you need to have completed 20 games.
In order to get a rating, you must at least have won or played a draw against one other rated player.
A player will loose his rank if he did not play at least 3 games in the last 2 month!

l.streak means the longest losing streak, w.streak the longest winning streak of a player.

(*) U.g. means games that were played against opponents that don't have a rating yet. They will not count for the player unless the opponents become rated.

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